TBA & Oil Warehouse Inc.

TBA & Oil Warehouse Inc. needed assistance in resolving underlying issues with their current insurance provider. Read more about how Gibson was able to help them solve this issue.

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Logan Center

Logan Center had concerns about the frequency and severity of workers' compensation claims continued to rise as well as their premiums. Read more on how Gibson was able to help this non-profit agency find solutions on how to better educate employees to work safer and drive down costs.

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City of Mishawaka

The City of Mishawaka was part of a municipality trust and their medical benefits were not working well. They were contemplating going back to being self-insured but needed a broker partner to confirm the decision. Read more on how Gibson was able to provide a solution to not only this one issue, but continues year-after-year to provide cost saving solutions. 

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Challenger Door's prescription costs with their self-insured plan were extremely high and causing them to raise premiums for their employees and also causing pain to their company’s bottom line. Read more on how Gibson was able to provide a solution and helped implement the change so that they could meet the needs of their employees while saving the company money.

Challenger Door
Gibson's clients have said:

"The greatest value that Gibson brings to Marana Group is their ability to see the whole board. I often tell customers we are playing chess, not checkers. Every piece on our board has a special function - it requires special attention. Gibson has the ability to see all the pieces on my board, and know how each piece works, and how each piece works towards the goals that we have as a company."

- David Rhoa, President | Marana Group

"The greatest value that Gibson brings to Aero Metals is the breadth of experience that they have. It's more than just brokerage expertise. It's expertise in safety, wellness, health risk management, and workers' compensation."

Linda Stowell, CFO | Aero Metals