Commercial.jpgWe are risk management advisors, not your average insurance broker.

We help clients identify and understand the risks they face today and uncover the emerging risks of tomorrow.

With one of the largest, most knowledgeable teams in the region, we provide exceptional service, competitive pricing, and access to tools and resources that keep you and your employees educated, safe, informed, and compliant.

We help clients find clarity and peace of mind knowing they are working with professionals who are helping them to proactively managing their risk and budget with:

  • Our Gibson Protection System (GPS)
  • Carrier, coverage and policy expertise
  • Knowledge of our client’s business
  • Education to help clients become sophisticated buyers
  • Options, strategy, and advice

Our specialties include:

Gibson Protection System


Most brokers see quoting insurance as the only route to addressing the risks you face. At Gibson our quest goes beyond a policy. What we do has far greater impact. We navigate the landscape of risk, guiding you securely to your destination using Gibson Protection System - GPS.

Our system is customized and cutting edge. Because you can't afford to get it wrong and you don't have time to waste. Business moves too fast. Government regulation is changing at a record pace. GPS is a game changer.

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How it Works

An expediction using our GPS brings you to an uncompromisingly secure destination. In a revolutionary way, GPS navigates you through the harsh roadblock of risk with a level of comfort and certainty. It's this type of precision in everything we do that delivers Strength against Risk®.


It's the foundation of our journey. We take a multifacited approach, meticuously auditing your business practices to gain clarity into your direction and history. From it we develop your coordinates based on benchmarks and best practices.


A written business plan follows. Think roadmap. The plan incorporates the relevant people, tools, timeline, and services necessary to guide you safely along the way.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Based on the detailed roadmap and your compelling story, we position you to receive the most competitive price in the insurance marketplace.


The magical step of getting everyone moving in the same direction. With effective communication, training, and buy-in, we help you make the magical connection with your workforce. 


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