Reducing Driver Risk

Gibson's Driver Administration Risk Reduction Tactics (DAART) is a Driver Program to Help Minimize the Risk of having employees drive on company business.

Driver MVP Review and Insurability Rating

Our DARRT specialists work with your designated representative to design a customized, carrier-approved insurability matrix. No less than annually, we obtain and review the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) of employees with access to company vehicles or regular driving duties in any vehicle and assign them an insurability rating based upon your matrix. We will also evaluate potential drivers to alert you if they will not meet your insurance carrier’s underwriting standards.


We provide a program manual for your use in developing a complete driver’s program or supplementing your existing program. Our manual includes policies such as driver requirements and eligibility; how drivers are selected and what criteria they will be evaluated against; safety guidelines and requirements; alcohol and drug testing; hands-free cell phone usage; and more.


We comply with requirements of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Privacy Protection Rights of employees and prospective employees, while protecting you from employment practices liability risks inherent in FCRA compliance.


As your broker we use your program and resulting controls to positively impact the pricing and conditions for your commercial auto and workers’ compensation policies.


We maintain current, real-time MVR records of all drivers, the respective insurability rating of each, and provide you with complete and current drivers’ listings on a regular basis.

"The greatest value that Gibson brings to Marana Group is their ability to see the whole board. I often tell customers we are playing chess, not checkers. Every piece on our board has a special function - it requires special attention. Gibson has the ability to see all the pieces on my board, and know how each piece works, and how each piece works towards the goals that we have as a company."

David Rhoa, President | Marana Group

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