Your personal risk management strategy can have a major impact on your family’s financial bottom line. Gaps in coverage and inadequate liability protection could cost you financially. That’s why we focus on value, creating peace of mind, and getting the most for your insurance dollar.

Our specialties include:

Gibson Protection System


Most brokers see quoting insurance as the only route to addressing the risks you face. At Gibson our quest goes beyond a policy. What we do has far greater impact. We navigate the landscape of risk, guiding you securely to your destination using Gibson Protection System - GPS.

Our system is customized and cutting edge. Because you can't afford to get it wrong and you don't have time to waste. Business moves too fast. Government regulation is changing at a record pace. GPS is a game changer.

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How it Works

An expediction using our GPS brings you to an uncompromisingly secure destination. In a revolutionary way, GPS navigates you through the harsh roadblock of risk with a level of comfort and certainty. It's this type of precision in everything we do that delivers Strength against Risk®.


We determine what you have and what you need to protect. The amount of protection a family needs depends on what they have to lose – in property as well as financial security for the future.


We determine the best program to fit your risk tolerance in order to manage your financial risks.


Based on your personal risk management plan, we perform a market analysis to best match the desired combination of coverage and competitive cost. We work closely with our highly rated partner companies to provide exceptional discounts and customized protection, not just an off the shelf product, and we do this using our unique premium and coverage comparison tool.


We make sure you and the people you care about are protected. We are by your side, with 24-hour access, to guide you through the claim process to ensure fair claim settlements. As your life and your exposure to risk changes, we are here to provide on-going account management, timely advice, and relevant information.


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