HR Solutions


We are consultants who work with your organizations to promote best practices in your HR department while mitigating employment practice risk. We understand the risks you face today and uncover the emerging risks of tomorrow. You’ll get clarity and peace of mind from the people, processes, and programs we use to uncover risks within your employment practices. By first assessing your operations, we help you develop a proactive strategy for addressing and implementing HR best practices.

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HR Solutions

  • HR Compliance Assessment
  • Recruitment Toolkit
  • Performance Management Toolkit
  • FMLA Toolkit
  • Supervisor Training etc.

"The greatest value that Gibson brings to Marana Group is their ability to see the whole board. I often tell customers we are playing chess, not checkers. Every piece on our board has a special function - it requires special attention. Gibson has the ability to see all the pieces on my board, and know how each piece works, and how each piece works towards the goals that we have as a company."

David Rhoa, President | Marana Group

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