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We offer consulting services to businesses interested in mitigating employment practices risk and adopting HR best practices in order to focus on higher level strategic and cultural HR priorities. Our solutions offer comprehensive guidance & personalized coaching to support your organization’s growth objectives.

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HR Solutions

  • HR Assessment: A streamlined discovery process designed to identify and address risks in HR employment practices.
  • Consultative Solutions: Best-In-Class consulting packages including comprehensive Employer Resource Guides and tool kits.
  • Supervisor Trainings: Informative and interactive trainings designed to educate and develop your organizations' supervisors.  

"The greatest value that Gibson brings to Marana Group is their ability to see the whole board. I often tell customers we are playing chess, not checkers. Every piece on our board has a special function - it requires special attention. Gibson has the ability to see all the pieces on my board, and know how each piece works, and how each piece works towards the goals that we have as a company."

David Rhoa, President | Marana Group

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