Most brokers see quoting insurance as the only route to addressing the risks you face. At Gibson our quest goes beyond a policy. What we do has far greater impact. We navigate the landscape of risk, guiding you securely to your destination using Gibson Protection System - GPS.

Our system is customized and cutting edge. Because you can't afford to get it wrong and you don't have time to waste. Business moves too fast. Government regulation is changing at a record pace. GPS is a game changer.



An expedition using our GPS brings you to an uncompromisingly secure destination. In a revolutionary way, GPS navigates you through the harsh roadblock of risk with a level of comfort and certainty. It's this type of precision in everything we do that delivers Strength against Risk®.

Being proactive is the most cost-effective way to manage risk. While insurance is a very important tool, it is often the most expensive and least proactive solution. That’s why we developed the Gibson Protection System (GPS).

GPS is a four step process designed to help business leaders identify, assess, and effectively address the risks their businesses face today as well as those emerging risks that may affect them in the future.


This is the most critical stage in the GPS process. We begin our relationship by taking you through an in-depth assessment of the risks inherent in your businesses. We then help you categorize and prioritize the risks that have the largest financial impact if not proactively addressed.


Utilizing the results of the assessment, we collectively build a multi-year strategic Roadmap. By utilizing the most effective risk management tools, this Roadmap outlines the steps necessary for us to meet your risk management objectives. This is an action plan that reduces the chances of you spending money you don’t want to spend.


With the Roadmap in hand we then systematically roll out the strategies we’ve designed for your organization.  We track and monitor target dates to ensure action items are started and completed according to the Roadmap.


This is the final phase of the process that brings it all together. We engage our team with yours, implement the strategies we designed together, and leverage our tools and talent to support your organization’s culture and strategic initiatives.

With our proprietary Gibson Protection System, we consistently assess, monitor, and appropriately adjust your plan to ensure we’re proactively managing your organization’s risks. Our mission is to Protect What Matters Most to you, and GPS enables us to do just that.