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We help clients identify and understand the risks they face today and uncover the emerging risks of tomorrow.

With one of the largest, most knowledgeable employee benefits teams in the region, we provide exceptional service, competitive pricing, and access to tools and resources that keep you and your employees educated, informed, and compliant.

Our clients are kept up-to-date with legislative changes, innovations in improving employee health, and access to relevant local, national, and industry benchmarking data.

We help clients find clarity and peace of mind knowing that they are working with professionals who are helping them to proactively managing their employee benefit program and budget with:

  • Our Gibson Protection System (GPS)
  • Carrier, coverage and policy expertise
  • Knowledge of our client’s business
  • Education to help clients become sophisticated buyers
  • Options, strategy, and advice
  • Critical and timely information on regulatory and legislative changes
  • On-site clinic feasibility and implementation




Encourage wellbeing in your workplace

Learn how to incorporate the five elements of wellbeing into your initiatives.

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Ask The Advisor: Workplace Wellbeing

Your best chance at employee engagement in your workplace wellbeing programs begins with asking your employees what they want!

Watch this video to learn more about  how whole person health and overall wellbeing are critical to employee health and engagement. To achieve this, see what questions and conversations you should be having with your employees.

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Ask The Advisor: Managing The Employee Experience


Mike Ripley discusses the importance of managing the employee experience and the risk of a disengaged workforce.

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Employee Wellbeing Across Generations

How can you tailor your workplace wellbeing efforts across generations?

There are five generations of Americans in the workforce, which presents a unique challenge for employers, especially when it comes to values and preferred communication styles. 

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Ask The Advisor: Employee Benefits Technology


Bob Zavacky, Principal & Employee Benefits Consultant at Gibson, discusses employee benefits technology - the risks of not using one or of utilizing an ineffective system. 

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Turn Down The Volume: Mobile Devices & Social Media: More Connected Than Ever, For Better & For Worse

Mobile devices and social media bring both benefits and risks to the employer-employee relationship. This webinar helps address these issues.

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Ask The Advisor: The Complexity Of Compliance


Wes Mantooth, Principal & Employee Benefits Consultant at Gibson, discusses the complexity of health care and employee benefits compliance. 

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Turn Down The Volume: Managing Employees With Medical Conditions

One of the most challenging issues facing employers is how to work with employees who are unable to work, or limited in their ability to work, because of medical conditions. This webinar helps address this issue.

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Ask The Advisor: Health Insurance Funding Options


Ray Korson, Client Executive at Gibson, discusses health insurance funding options and how taking on the wrong amount of risk for your organization can lead to financial inefficiency. 

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