claims consulting.jpgComplex risks demand a deeper evaluation of claims management programs and practices.

We help you achieve lower costs by reviewing open claim files, discussing trends, and providing strategies for the most effective claims management.

Client Advocacy Through Claim File Audits

  • Review and manage carrier claim file activities to reduce the length and cost of claims
  • Evaluate open claim reserves and achieve reductions where justified
  • Conduct a unit stat claims review to positively impact the experience modification factor
  • The result of our efforts in the last seven years is over $12 million in reserve reductions

Evaluate Accident Trends And Contributing Causes Of Loss

  • Identify frequency and severity by incident rate per location
  • Develop incident rate performance objectives by location
  • Reveal leading loss contributors and loss trends by location, injury cause, injury type, and body part
  • Provide information to Gibson’s Loss Prevention team to help prevent future occurrences

Develop Policies & Procedures To Engage Your Employees

  • Assist in the development of a transitional return-to-work program to return injured workers to productive employment

Control Premiums Through Experience Modification Analysis

  • Project experience mod to show its impact on premium cost
  • Audit the experience mod for possible errors resulting in premium overcharges
  • Identify achievable savings from the “controllable” mod