captive-solutionsConsidering a change to how you manage and finance risk?

Are there alternatives to traditional insurance? Is there an option for more control? Is it possible to share in the underwriting profits?

Through a variety of alternative risk financing solutions, including Group and Enterprise Risk Captives, Gibson will help you consider options to change your organization’s long-term insurance strategy and total cost of risk.

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Benefits of Group Captives

  • Long-term cost reduction
  • Stabilization of insurance premiums
  • Control over providers and services
  • Flexibility and ability to act quickly
  • Potential share in profits
  • Best practices peer group

Benefits of Enterprise Risk Captives

  • 831(b) election
  • Capture underwriting profit and investment income
  • Provides funding for uninsured, under-insured, & emerging risks
  • Risk transfer mechanism for severity losses
  • Ability to customize unique coverage
  • Improve cash flow of risk financing
  • Stability & control