Mobile Devices & Social Media: More Connected Than Ever, For Better & For Worse [Webinar]

By Gibson - Oct 2, 2017 6:30:00 AM

Mobile Devices in the Workplace Webinar - blog.pngHow is the use of mobile devices and social media impacting the business community?

The prevalence of mobile devices and the increasing use of social media bring both benefits and risks to the employer-employee relationship. With the constant evolution of technology and the active legal landscape, it can be hard to manage the issues in your workplace and keep your organization protected.

Can you discipline employees based on something posted on their personal social media site? Do you need permission to post pictures of your employees? What types of policies should you have in place related to social media and mobile device usage? What laws protect employees related to these topics? What happens when employees use mobile devices to respond to work emails after-hours, does this time need to be tracked and compensated? What should a mobile device agreement include?

We know there is a lot of noise in the HR world, and especially with confusing topics such as these, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we’ve brought in labor & employment law expert John Kuehn, Partner at LaDue | Curran | Kuehn, to address these issues.

Ready to turn down the volume and tackle these HR challenges? Tune into the webinar to learn:

  • The benefits of accessing the wealth of information provided by social media and mobile devices
  • Workplace risks such as the means of access, use of devices while driving on company business, and off-the-clock work by non-exempt employees
  • Best practices for addressing these risks, including establishing social media and mobile devices policies and a mobile device agreement
Turn Down The Volume: Mobile Devices In The Workplace

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