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At Gibson, we are advisors and consultants, not just insurance brokers. What’s the difference? Insurance is a component of risk management, not the only solution to risk. We provide counsel and advice on complex business and people issues that go far beyond the scope of an insurance policy. This approach provides value and sophisticated protection.

Our technical development and strategic deployment of comprehensive solutions for local, national, and international corporations is unrivalled. We are dedicated to protecting what matters most. We provide tools, resources, and services with excellence and unsurpassed ethics.


Using a highly sophisticated risk management process we developed called the Gibson Protection System (GPS), we guide you through four key steps: Assess, Plan, Implement, and Engage to build a program that impacts your operational, strategic, and financial objectives.


GPS brings you to an uncompromisingly secure destination. In a revolutionary way, GPS navigates you through the harsh roadblocks of risk with a level of certainty. It’s this type of precision in everything we do that delivers Strength Against Risk®.


  • Client, employee, and community driven since 1933
  • Offices in South Bend, Plymouth, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Elkhart, and Kalamazoo
  • Employee owned – 100% independent with no outside ownership


The greatest value that Gibson brings to Aero Metals is the breadth of experience that they have. It's more than just brokerage expertise. It's expertise in safety, wellness, health risk management, and workers' compensation.

Linda Stowell, CFO of Aero Metals

Ask the Advisor Resources

Ask The Advisor: Starting A Wellbeing Committee


Whitney Trent, Wellbeing and Engagement Strategist at Gibson, discusses how increasing healthcare costs, high rates of employee absenteeism, turnover, and decreasing employee engagement can impact not just your employee wellbeing, but your organizational wellbeing as well. To hear what Whitney has to say, click the button below:

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Ask The Advisor: Premium Audit


Brian Souders, Risk Advisor at Gibson, discusses the premium audit process and why companies should consider taking a more proactive approach. 

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Ask The Advisor: Preventing Workplace Harassment


Sheri Butler, Select HR Manager at Gibson, discusses workplace harassment - the risks it poses and strategies for prevention. 

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Ask The Advisor: Legalization Of Marijuana Use


Melissa Langley, Client Executive at Gibson, discusses the legalization of marijuana use and how to manage the risks it may bring to your workplace. 

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Ask The Advisor: Employee Assistance Programs


Jordan Friesen, Client Executive in the Employee Benefits Practice at Gibson, discusses Employee Assistance Programs, also known as EAPs, and why it is necessary to offer your employees easy access to mental health services, online wellbeing resources, and financial education services.

Watch this video to understand that your employees often have personal matters that keep them from focusing on their work. It impacts their physical health and overall wellbeing. Things like divorce, financial stress, anxiety, and depression aren’t simply left at the door. These have cascading effects on your workplace culture and bottom line.

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Ask The Advisor: Fire Suppression Systems


Art Jacobs, Principal and Risk Advisor at Gibson, discusses fire suppression systems. Fire suppression systems are universally accepted as the best initial line of defense against fire. The key is to make sure that your system is properly designed and maintained to help you protect what matters most.

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of  taking the proper steps to make sure that your fire suppression system is right for your facility and working correctly. 

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Ask The Advisor: Health Savings Accounts


Ashley WalshBenefits Consultant at Gibson, discusses Health Savings Accounts, also known as HSAs, specifically the benefits of health savings accounts.

Watch this video to learn more about why educating employees on the benefits of health savings accounts and encouraging employee participation, employers can help increase the financial well-being of their employees, creating a positive employee experience. 

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Ask The Advisor: Myth Of Multiple Brokers


Brandon Nettrouer, Risk Advisor at Gibson, discusses the myth of multiple brokers and how many businesses believe involving multiple brokers will get them the most competitive renewal. But it can actually have the opposite effect. 

Watch this video to learn more about the optimal approach in choosing a single broker, with a proven process and many resources, who will create the perfect carrier submission.

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