Keeping up with health care reform can be extremely challenging. With so many revised rulings and new processes to implement many organizations are struggling to stay up to date. The only way to effectively manage your health care reform changes is through ongoing assessment and adaptation.

That being said, the health care industry has continued to change. With these new reforms and regulations having been put in place, our Health Care Reform Compliance Flowchart no longer provides the most up to date information, and thus it has been removed.

What Now?

While we are working to develop additional resources around this topic, we would like to recommend that you download our related eBook – Best Practices for Controlling the Cost of Health Care Spending – at this time.

In this eBook you will learn about:

  • Transparency, as it relates to the pricing of health care
  • How you can help employees make good health care decisions
  • How much unhealthy employees cost you
  • How to get (and keep) healthy employees
  • How you can motivate your employees to better health

... and more. Ineffective cost management is the underlying cause of hyperinflationary health care costs. Be sure you're not paying too much.

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