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    • Jessica Zych Joins Gibson

      Jessica Zych Joins Gibson

      SOUTH BEND/PLYMOUTH/INDIANAPOLIS/FORT WAYNE, INDIANA –10/02/15– Jessica Zych has joined Gibson as an Account Manager in Commercial Risk Management. She is …Read More »
    • Jaimie Richmond Earns AINS Designation

      Jaimie Richmond Earns AINS Designation

      SOUTH BEND/PLYMOUTH/INDIANAPOLIS/FORT WAYNE, INDIANA – 09/18/15 – Jaimie Richmond of Gibson, has been awarded the Associate in General Insurance (AINS) …Read More »
    • Andrew Schroeder Joins Gibson

      Andrew Schroeder Joins Gibson

      FORT WAYNE/SOUTH BEND/PLYMOUTH/INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – 09/16/15 – Andrew Schroeder has joined Gibson as an Assistant Controller at Gibson. He is …Read More »


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